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Man with Gull from "Of Birds and Men"
Man with Gull from "Of Birds and Men"
C-print on archival rag based on mixed media diorama with moving parts
8 x 10"

“Of Birds and Men”, a body of work comprised of dioramas and photographs, was conceived as a way to address story-telling in sculpture and question chronological narrative construction in the present and of the past.

How do we experience the reorganization of a series of chronological events based on space? How do the spaces interface with the conditions of their inhabitants? What does “fitfull stillness” look like? What does it look like to put a figure in the center of a space without a vanishing point.

The orchestration of light through these constructed spaces, the way it changes the feeling of a space, continually fascinates me, as does the differences among the ways we look at a room, a diorama of a room, especially one with forced perspective, and a photograph of the same room.

Birds, which have been a recurring theme in my work since bird-like gargoyles “The Watchers”, appear animate and inanimate through the spaces as a means to describe time as duration with perceived speed, stillness and evolution.

Once completed, the work will comprise between 10-14 dioramic spaces and photographs of those spaces.

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