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Edgar Allan Poe Proposal
Edgar Allan Poe Proposal

Proposal for a Public Artwork dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe, A Collaboration with Robert Olson

Hirsch and Olson's proposal for the project commemorated Poe as an artist of his time and ours, and presented his achievement in a context in which both his personal and professional life, and his nineteenth century origin and his present force, can be understood.

Poe returned to Boston throughout his life, valuing it as the home it was for his mother Eliza.

The artwork commemorates Poe’s energy not only as a writer but as a performer, a role he sought in Boston throughout his professional life, and his profound impact, as the poet who enacted, in the sound of words, a triumph of beauty over thought at the boundaries of interior and exterior, sensation and intellect, life and death.

The proposal frames these crucial themes and their connections to Poe’s experiences with Boston, the city of his birth, by employing the primary materials of his narrative: body, architecture and sound as reflected here in our use of the figure, the base and text.