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Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier/ A+J Art+Design
Proposal for Park Sculpture
stainless steel

The concept is a 'Lighthouse,' a structure that points the way “Home,” similar to the Statue of Liberty's Torch and its call to ”Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

“Home” here refers to the experiences of the soldier's return and the immigrant's and refugee’s experience of the loss of home and the hope for the creation of a new, safe and peaceful home.

“Home” is also defined as a community gathering place for the celebration of diversity. Erecting this artwork corresponds to the building of a safe and all-embracing community.

Through lighting, scale and positioning, the 'Lighthouse' will create an iconic focal point and gathering place for the community where all are welcome and where the past and future meet in a symbol of the community’s aspirations for unity despite linguistic, generational and cultural barriers.

From underneath, viewers experience a brightly colored space which, as in a traditional community house, contains colorful decorations. A collage of images tells the migration and home-making stories of the many cultures who share the neighborhood. The particular designs will be arrived at through a process of community engagement.

The outside of the house is textured and perforated with a geometric pattern that changes across the surface.