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Monument to the Founder of American Public Education
Monument to the Founder of American Public Education
bronze and granite

The bronze sculpture is sited towards the back of the space and presides over the intimate space of a room that recalls the six week winter schoolhouse rooms common in Horace Mann's youth. A low wall behind the sculpture emphasizes its dominant role. This wall displays plaques related to the project and subject's biography.

Across from the sculpture stands a granite block. On its outward face, visible from the street, the block identifies the site. On the inward face, visitors to the site find the following quote which both embodies the spirit in which Mann lived his life and the way he may inspire and motivate his successors:

"Each generation has duties of its own to perform; and our duties, though widely different from [our forbears], are not less important in their character, or less binding in their obligations. It was their duty to found or establish our institutions, and nobly did they perform it. It is our duty to perfect and perpetuate these institutions; and the most solemn question which can be propounded to this age, is, are we performing it nobly?"
-Horace Mann, July 4th, 1842