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SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers)  #SOSswimmers @SOSswimmers
SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers) by Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier / A+J Art+Design
Cast foam, tethering system and mushroom anchor
approx. 20' x 50', dimensions variable

SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers) is a temporary, traveling public art installation that debuted in Fort Point Channel Boston in autumn 2016 sponsored by the Fort Points Art Community and the Friends of Fort Point Channel.

The artwork makes a connection between its current site and all the rivers and seas that people have crossed for millennia in search of shelter, freedom, prosperity and safety. The figures, which are painted the color of traffic cones or life vests, might suggest the waves of immigration on which the city and the nation are largely built and they might recall current global migration trends. Each of the 22 cast-foam figures represents more than one million of the UNHCR’s estimated 22.5 million refugees in the world today. Animated by the environment, the group of Swimmers take on a life of their own. Changing weather conditions and different viewpoints give the installation a range of meanings.

The installation will makes its debut in Michigan as the Featured Grand River Project for ArtPrize Nine.

#SOSswimmers @SOSswimmers