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Boston Marathon Bombings Memorial Markers Proposal, rendering by Jeremy Angier/ A+J Art+Design
Design Proposal for Memorial Markers

Ann Hirsch is honored to have been selected by the Office of the Mayor of Boston to submit a proposal for memorial markers for Boylston Street in Boston in honor of those involved in the Boston Marathon Bombings on April 4, 2013. Her proposal of March 22, 2017 is presented here.

The concept's goals were to carve out the memorial sites as sacred and separate from the everyday workings of city life while making them easily identifiable and not interrupting the flow of the day-to-day on Boylston Street. The proposed Markers would also clearly acknowledge the impact of the Boston Marathon Bombings without valorizing the act that was committed or those who committed it.

The concept acknowledged the larger story involving events after 4/15/2013 in clear connection to the more site-specific markers honoring those lost the day of the bombings. The form of the memorial markers would be in keeping with, but also a transformation of, tradition Boston markers which are based on the most ancient form of memorial marker.