In The Boston Globe Opinion Section today, One Breath: Memorial to Massachusetts Epidemics proposal.

Thank you @GlobeOpinion and Marjorie Pritchard for inviting us to participate in this conversation.

See our vision for how Boston should memorialize the nearly 1 million COVID-related deaths in the US and give feedback on the nine proposals.

On the eve of the unveiling of the Bill Russell Legacy Project on Boston City Hall Plaza almost seven years ago today, this actually happened. For the first time in years, I’m hopeful that the Office of the U.S. President might have its dignity restored along with some of the promise this country has represented.

We just have to VOTE!!!!





North Square Stories by Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier of A+J Art+Design with the North Square reconstruction project has been named a 2020 Historical Restoration/Preservation Project of the Year by . These awards acknowledge “excellence in the management and administration of public works projects, recognizing the alliance between the managing agency, the contractor, the consultant, and their cooperative achievements.”

You can read more about the award here.

Installed 9-2019, North Square in Boston’s North End, Percent for Art project through the City of Boston with Jeremy Angier as A+J Art+Design.

Please visit the North Square Stories project website for complete information.

Forecast Public Art and @publicartreview are featuring SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers) by my collaborative project @anjartndesign in PAR’s 40th anniversary issue which we just received! SOS is included in a survey called “Powerful Spaces; 15 Projects / 103” on the future of public art. You can order your copy of this special edition here and read interviews with artists at the leading edge of community-engaged design and much more! Special thanks go to @fortpointarts and @friendsoffortpointchannel for commissioning #SOSSwimmers!

Issue 58 from Forecast: ”

Readers often tell us that they love our “Projects We Love” department, so we began this issue with the simple idea to add more pages and fill them almost entirely with inspiring works. A theme emerged early in our process; the editorial team was drawn to the work of artists and designers using their unique ability as creative visionaries, problem-solvers, and meaning-makers to create powerful and timely spaces. Over 103 pages devoted exclusively to 15 projects—whether in Alabama or Alaska, Brownsville or Boston, Buenos Aires or Madrid—you’ll discover how artists and designers created 15 public art and creative placemaking projects that connect us to our shared humanity.

Also moving are insights from community leaders Nia Umoja, who shares how a community is developing its own model for sustainability, and Joseph Claunch, who describes how artists led the development of a community park.”


I’m honored to announce that my proposal was selected from among 91 other submissions from across the U.S. to be one of four under consideration for a sculpture honoring the Woman Suffrage Movement.

The monument, which has arisen from the #MonumentalWomen campaign to create the first statue of real women in New York City’s Central Park, will be installed on The Mall in Central Park in 2020.

For more information, go here.

For her proposal, go here .

“The number is significant in that it reflects the official United Nations [High] Commissioner for Refugees number of 21.3 million refugees worldwide,” he said. “[It’s] one figure per 1,000,000 refugees. And that was in 2016. Now the numbers a little higher, but we’ve kept the figures at 22.”