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Make Yourself at Home, Proposal

Boston, MA 2013 proposed
Ann Hirsch Sculpture Studio


The artwork is a wall-anchored composition of tumbling chairs from all over the world, fabricated in a lightweight medium and painted cerulean blue in reference to “Ferdinand’s Blue Store” which occupied the site. The chairs joyously cascade down the wall with the Ferdinand’s advertisement as background. Lamps are integrated into the composition as specific points of light which cast shadows through the network of legs, backs and armrests. The artwork creates an invitation into the Center as a place where relationships are nurtured and where all people can sit down together to talk and feel at home; where their unique heritages are preserved and yet synthesized into a cohesive community framework. The artwork evolves out of an understanding of the site as embedded in the architecture within a larger temporal and social space.

Media and dimensions: wood and metal
Collection/Commission: Boston Art Commission RFP competition