Lighthouse Beacon Proposal

Proposal for a park sculpture, 2014
Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier, A+J Art+Design


The concept, a lighthouse, is a structure that points the way home, which in this case refers to the experiences of the soldier’s return and the immigrant’s and refugee’s experience of the loss of home and hope for the creation of a new and peaceful home. The Lighthouse creates an iconic focal point for the community where all are welcome and where the past and future meet in a symbol of the community’s aspirations for unity despite linguistic, generational and cultural differences.

From below, viewers experience a brightly colored space which, as in a traditional community house, contains colorful images telling migration and home-making stories, the stories of the many cultures who share the neighborhood.

The outside of the house is textured and perforated with a geometric pattern that changes across the surface. Its traditional profile contrasts with contemporary materials and methods used in construction, e.g. digital fabrication, stainless steel and LED lighting.

The Lighthouse is lit from within and without. It is a highly visible, welcoming beacon for the community and an iconic landmark for the neighborhood. The sculpture is easily legible from a distance, and yet up close, rich in narrative detail.

A+J Art+Design is a multidisciplinary collaboration between artists Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier. We share a commitment to site specificity, interactivity and community engagement.

Media and dimensions: coated stainless steel, 14’h. x 10′ x 8‘
Renderings: machinegraphics