Ann Hirsch Sculpture Studio is commited to site-specificity, interactivity and community engagement. We offer capabilities both in traditional object making, design planning with a focus on placemaking and digital visualization. We do extensive research and intensively collaborate in the service of the community and the site's history, current identity, and future aspirations. In the case of memorial sculpture, we believe a portrait is not only a representation; it is an object with presence that holds a space and gives it meaning and identity. Finding this sense of a presence within the sculpture is critical to the engagement we hope to create between the sculpture and the viewer who encounters it in a public space. We are driven by the idea that public art can provoke and entice while inspiring civic engagement.

Ann Hirsch received a BA in Art History from Barnard College, Columbia University, and Master’s degrees from New York University and the New York Academy of Art. She has completed numerous commissions and teaches undergraduate sculpture and ceramics at R.I.S.D.